The next generation wellness solution that underpins behavioural change.

People that use WellKom perform better and they are healthier.


Boost performance / relevant KPI’s by Whole Life - Whole Organisation approach to wellness.

Customised solutions for: remote; frontline healthcare & key workers.


Hospitality, travel, sports, retailers need top line growth (particularly now with Covid 19).

Enables brands to become more “meaningful” – superior performance.


Software with Empathy

  • What

    A validated, proven and guaranteed digital performance, wellness & health platform for individuals and organisations.

  • Why

    Personal Wellness Management was not recognised as life capability / competence therefore little focus on measuring and developing it.

  • How

    Psychometric profiling and development through a rigorously validated “Whole Life” questionnaire, based on a recognised clinical model Lazarus.

Whole Life Solution

Personalised Health & Wellness

Bringing together over 15 years of R&D to provide leading global Psychometric software with a proven impact on physical & mental health. Over 100 organisations across the U.K. and worldwide have used and trust in our software.

Whole Organisation Solution

Boosting the performance & wellness of people & organisations around the globe.

Proven 3D Approach

Health + Business + HR = Next Generation of Performance

Certified Human Touch

WellKom have developed a range of certifications to help you establish wellness communities.

Wellness Champions– help promote WellKom solution to achieve minimum target take up of 85%

Personal Wellness Coaches– to partner with individuals to achieve sustainable behaviour change

Team Wellness Reviewers Coaches– enable teams to maximise the value from Team Wellness Reports

Organisational Wellness Reviewers Coaches– lever the reporting insights to boost relevant business outcome performances

Other Highly Personalised “Human Touches” include:


Mental Health Professionals


Physical Activity Trainers


Sleep Experts

Whole Life Whole Organisation Model

WellKom’s behavioural improvement solutions are dynamic and take Whole Life Whole Organisation approach based on a proven clinical model – Lazarus. Originally developed for employees but adapted for other citizen types.

Performance, Wellness & Health Packages

Customisable white labelling and flexible subscription and licensing options.


Personal & Organisational Performance Engagement Wellness for all Employers


Personalised Service to Manage Health Conditions


For Professionals to Mass Personalise Health & Wellness Services


Virtual Performance – Wellness Club Membership to Living Well Longer

Our Global Goals

WellKom is committed to delivering at least 3 of the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

Good health and well-being
Quality education
Decent work and economic growth
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